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Hedging plants

We maintain a good range of hedging plants throughout the year. From young bare-root plants in the autumn, through to mature container and field grown specimens, we always have a good selection of high quality hedging plants available in the Nursery.

Laurel_Hedging Yew_Hedging
Laurel Yew
Holly_Hedging_Plants Thuja_Hedging_Plants
Holly Thuja

We stock many different varieties and sizes of hedging plants
GreenBeechHedgingPlants_FagusSylvatica MatureGriselliniaHedging
Green beech - a range of sizes Mature Griselinia - hedging plants

For more details regarding the habit, growth and availability of the varieties we supply, please call, or alternatively e-mail us your requirements and we will get back to you with the information you require.

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