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Instant hedges and screening

In our Nursery field we have an area dedicated to mature trees and hedging plants. If you want to create an instant hedge, need to screen a neighbouring building, or simply wish to increase the privacy of your garden, we’ve an unrivalled selection of evergreen plants.

Specimen and hedging varieties are available, up to 3.5m (12ft) in height, so if you're searching for an established tree or simply don't want to wait for a young plant to grow, then visit to view our range of trees.

The conifers and trees are dug during the dormant autumnal and winter months - generally November through until March - since these months provide the ideal conditions for digging and replanting.  However, we reserve plants and take orders throughout the year.  

MatureConifer2014 MatureConifer2014

Our popular varieties include:

Lawsonia Allumii
Lawsonia Broomhill Gold
Lawsonia Columnaris Glauca
Lawsonia Dorset Cream
Lawsonia Ellwoodii
Lawsonia Ellwoods Gold
Lawsonia Erecta Viridis
Lawsonia Fletcherii
Lawsonia Lanei
Lawsonia Aurea
Lawsonia Pottenii
Japonica Elegans    
Plicata Zebrina    
Can Can    
Stoneham Gold    

All our trees are fully established, and since their growth hasn't been constrained within a pot, you'll find they have much denser foliage and provide much more coverage, than containerised specimens of an equivalent height.

We also stock a range of mature ornamental trees which are available throughout the year.

For more details regarding the habit and growth of the varieties we supply, please call, or alternatively e-mail us your requirements and we will be pleased to provide further information.


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