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Three Legged Cross
Wimborne  Dorset
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Fruit Trees

We supply a wide selection of fruit trees throughout the year.  The following list provides an example of the varieties we stock however, if you are looking for a particular variety which isn't listed, please do give us a call or visit as other varieties will be available.

Whether your garden is big or small, we offer a range of bush and espalier trained trees. 

Apple (Malus) Blenheim Orange
Apple (Malus) Braeburn
Apple (Malus) Bramley 20
Apple (Malus) Bramley Seedling
Apple (Malus) Charles Ross
Apple (Malus) Cox Self Fertile 
Apple (Malus) Cox's Orange Pippin
Apple (Malus) Egremont Russet
Apple (Malus) Ellison's Orange 
Apple (Malus) Galloway Pippen
Apple (Malus) George Cave
Apple (Malus) Herefordshire Russet 
Apple (Malus) James Grieve 
Apple (Malus) Katy 
Apple (Malus) Laxton's Fortune
Apple (Malus) Laxton's Superb
Apple (Malus) Limelight
Apple (Malus) Lord Derby
Apple (Malus) Scrumptious
Apple (Malus) Sunset
Prunus avium Merton Glory
Prunus avium Morello 
Punus avium Sunburst
Pear (Pyrus) Concorde
Pear (Pyrus) Conference 
Pear (Pyrus) Comice du Doyenne
Pear (Pyrus) Onward
Pear (Pyrus) Williams Bon Cretien
Plum (Prunus) Marjorie's Seedling
Plum (Prunus) Victoria
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