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Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are available in our display stands throughout the year.  In the autumn and winter we supply some varieties as bare-root, for the remainder of the year we have a wider choice of container grown plants. We stock a lot of self-fertile varieties on dwarf, semi-dwarf and semi-vigorous rootstock. As well as apple trees, we have pears, plums, cherry trees and damsons, along with fig and walnut trees.



Apple Blenheim Orange

Apple Braeburn

Apple Bramley Seedling

Apple Bramley 20

Apple Charles Ross

Apple Cox Self Fertile

Apple Cox's Orange Pippin

Apple Egremont Russet

Apple Ellison's Orange

Apple George Cave

Apple Herefordshire Russet

Apple James Grieve

Apple Katy

Apple Laxton's Fortune

Apple Laxton's Superb

Apple Limelight

Apple Lord Derby

Apple Scrumptious

Apple Sunset


Cherry (Prunus) avium Morello

Cherry (Prunus) avium Sunburst


Pear (Pyrus) Concorde

Pear (Pyrus) Conference

Pear (Pyrus) Comice du Doyenne

Pear (Pyrus) Packhams Triumph


Plum (Prunus) Marjorie's Seedling

Plum (Prunus) Victoria


Walnut Broadview

Walnut Buccaneer

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